Edwin's book

The Private Production of Defense?

by Edwin van de Haar It is fun to think about the almost unthinkable. Therefore this contribution is about the idea that no state is needed to provide military security … Continue Reading →

Peace Symbol

Neither Sovereignty nor Intervention

In Dichotomyland (sometimes known as IR), the debate on wars, whether for “humanitarian purposes” or not, tends to be reduced to the opposition between sovereignty (and non-intervention) and solidarity (and … Continue Reading →

Ron Paul is Relevant, Like it or Not

With the Iowa Caucus and the New Hampshire Primary approaching, statistical rumours are that Texas Congressman Ron Paul has a considerable chance of doing well at the initial stages of … Continue Reading →


War, Torture, Neocons, Media and Republicans

    The first 2011 GOP Debate on Foreign Policy took place in South Carolina with the support of CBS News, which had it on national TV for the first … Continue Reading →


Contra the Duke: the Poppy is Political.

“The only thing we learn from history is that we learn nothing from history.” Friedrich Hegel. On Wednesday (9/11/2011) FIFA revised their ban on the poppy, allowing the English football … Continue Reading →

Droning on… and on?

By Phil Leech* President Obama’s much publicised Drone Surge in Afghanistan has had me thinking about a few questions like: To what extent does the increasing role of robots as … Continue Reading →


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