Solidarity Russia

We are all Bolotnaya: International Days of Solidarity with Victims of Political Repression in Russia 28 Feburary – 3 March

By Catherine Owen A coalition of leftist organisations in Russia have called for international solidarity with the increasing number of activists intimidated or imprisoned by the Putin regime. The Russian … Continue Reading →

Obama and Intervention: Why Libya and not Syria?

This is our first article in partnership with Brazilian international affairs magazine O Debatedouro. by Philipe Moura The 20th century witnessed the growing importance of issues regarding humanitarian intervention, leading to the … Continue Reading →

Pilorama: Imagining a New Politics in Russia

By Catherine Owen The last twelve months have been cataclysmic in Russia. In the lead up to December 2011’s parliamentary elections, it became clear that current prime minister and former … Continue Reading →

Organising Despite the Ban: LGBT Politics in St. Petersburg

By Catherine Owen Saturday 7th July 2012 was World Pride Day, an annual celebration of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people.  The aims of these events are to promote equal rights … Continue Reading →

'The authorities have stolen your voice'

White is Not a Colour: Chances of an Electoral Revolution in Russia

Something is afoot in Russia. Since December 4th – the date of parliamentary elections that were widely perceived as riddled with electoral fraud – a protest movement of sorts has … Continue Reading →


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