Don't Tread on Me (Brazil)

Twenty Cents of Trouble

It all began when the São Paulo city council decided to increase the bus fare by twenty cents. Anti-government protesters are now all over the place in the larger cities … Continue Reading →

Solidarity Russia

We are all Bolotnaya: International Days of Solidarity with Victims of Political Repression in Russia 28 Feburary – 3 March

By Catherine Owen A coalition of leftist organisations in Russia have called for international solidarity with the increasing number of activists intimidated or imprisoned by the Putin regime. The Russian … Continue Reading →

Picture 1

Greece: A Place Where Dark and Light Meet

I have too walked the streets of Greece. Not the sunny paths where topless-tourists meet in Mykonos or Crete, no. I have walked in dark streets where drug addicts beg … Continue Reading →

Photo Courtesy of DW-World

A Turkish Spring: Why Ankara’s New Foreign Policy is Good for Turkey

This article will argue that radical changes taking place in Turkish foreign policy, punctuated by its recent diplomatic confrontation with Israel and vocal support for the Palestinians, are safe moves … Continue Reading →


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