Peace Symbol

Neither Sovereignty nor Intervention

In Dichotomyland (sometimes known as IR), the debate on wars, whether for “humanitarian purposes” or not, tends to be reduced to the opposition between sovereignty (and non-intervention) and solidarity (and … Continue Reading →

Dandi March

Give ‘Another Realism’ a Chance!

By Roberto Baldoli (PhD candidate Exeter) This article calls for a re-evaluation of the tradition of nonviolence as a form of political realism, based on a new article on Gandhi’s ‘Another … Continue Reading →

Lysander Spooner

Advice to Libertarian IR Theorists

  How can you be a Libertarian and theorise IR at the same time? We may tackle this question from a normative or descriptive point of view, but I don’t … Continue Reading →

Martin Wight

My Favourite International Theorist? Martin Wight

  Martin Wight (1913-1972) is better known for his lectures on key traditions of international theory and his essays on power politics and systems of states. Here I focus on … Continue Reading →

Holy Roman Euro Empire

The EU: From Medieval to Modern Empire?

The Eurozone is in trouble.  Commentators usually interpret the currency crisis as partially a result of a lack of central coordination. This diagnosis leads to calls for centralized economic governance … Continue Reading →


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