Don't Tread on Me (Brazil)

Twenty Cents of Trouble

It all began when the São Paulo city council decided to increase the bus fare by twenty cents. Anti-government protesters are now all over the place in the larger cities … Continue Reading →

Edwin's book

The Private Production of Defense?

by Edwin van de Haar It is fun to think about the almost unthinkable. Therefore this contribution is about the idea that no state is needed to provide military security … Continue Reading →

World Upside Down?

West and the Rest?

by Jay Heisler Jay worked as a journalist and copy editor in the Middle East and the Caucasus. He is currently pursuing a PhD in Politics at the University of … Continue Reading →

Lysander Spooner

Advice to Libertarian IR Theorists

  How can you be a Libertarian and theorise IR at the same time? We may tackle this question from a normative or descriptive point of view, but I don’t … Continue Reading →


Let the Occupiers and the Party sit down for tea (Part I)

From the author: I am inaugurating now a series of posts on the political economy of the 2011 protests. Because of the length of the American electoral process and its … Continue Reading →


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