Imposing Masculinity

By Emile Badarin Introduction This article examines Julie Peteet’s argument about “manhood” during the Palestinian Intifada of 1987 in a book chapter entitled: “Male Gender and Rituals of Resistance in … Continue Reading →


Space and Palestinian Resistance

Originally published 21 April 2013  Introduction Although the ownership land is important to the Palestine liberation movement, the ownership of space is not yet given the credence it deserves. Applying the … Continue Reading →


Material Culture and the Museum of Tolerance Jerusalem

Originally posted 13 March 2013 by Samantha Borders* The significance of objects and their ascribed meanings, though often taken for granted, can have profound implications when utilised for purposes beyond its … Continue Reading →


The Importance of Context in Reading the Cartoons of Naji al-Ali

Originally posted 16 January 2013  by Charlie Clemoes There is by no means a lack of contemporary discussion of Naji al-Ali’s cartoons. Indeed, much is made of their wonderful articulation of … Continue Reading →


The Taiwanese Media Coverage of the attack on Gaza

Originally posted 28 December 2012 by Hsiu-Ping, Bao During the attack on Gaza, there were at least 162 Palestinian deaths and over 1000 injuries in the period 14 to 21 … Continue Reading →

karmi 70s protest

Jerusalem: A Lecture by Ghada Karmi

Originally posted 16 December 2012  In early December, Dr Ghada Karmi gave the second in a series of four lectures marking the end of her nine years of teaching at Exeter … Continue Reading →


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