Imposing Masculinity

By Emile Badarin Introduction This article examines Julie Peteet’s argument about “manhood” during the Palestinian Intifada of 1987 in a book chapter entitled: “Male Gender and Rituals of Resistance in … Continue Reading →


Two Lectures by Dr. Ilan Pappé

Originally published 07 September 2012  Two Lectures by Dr. Ilan Pappé: the State of Research in Palestine Studies and Learning from the Universal Experience of Victimisation There are two audio lectures … Continue Reading →

Palestinians holding a picture of Juliano Mer Khamis at his funeral in Jenin on 6 April 2011

Theatre and Nation-building in Kurdistan and Palestine

This article compares the role played by theatre in popular resistance and nation-building for the stateless Kurds and Palestinians in the Middle East. In his introduction to Literature and Nation … Continue Reading →

Courtesy of the Palestine Chronicle

The State of Research on Palestine

This article is the author’s summary of a lecture given by the world renowned scholar on Israel-Palestine Dr. Ilan Pappé examining the state of research on Palestine in academia. The … Continue Reading →


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