Opinion: Lincoln would not use Drones … and Obama shouldn’t either

Abraham Lincoln was President of the United States during the bloodiest war in its history – the Civil War.  At least 600 000 Americans lost their lives and many more left disabled … Continue Reading →

Both Obama and Romney are wrong: obduracy will not work with Iran

Both parties in the forthcoming US election promise tough sanctions and threaten war against Iran. But even accounting for Tehran’s provocations the US agenda is counter-productive and cruel. The Iranian … Continue Reading →

Ron Paul is Relevant, Like it or Not

With the Iowa Caucus and the New Hampshire Primary approaching, statistical rumours are that Texas Congressman Ron Paul has a considerable chance of doing well at the initial stages of … Continue Reading →

Droning on… and on?

By Phil Leech* President Obama’s much publicised Drone Surge in Afghanistan has had me thinking about a few questions like: To what extent does the increasing role of robots as … Continue Reading →

Event or a Non-Event? Bin Laden, and the Means of Knowing

On May 2nd my screen was suddenly split by a line of giant red fonts screaming ‘BREAKING NEWS’ and announcing that “bin Laden has been killed in a controlled operation … Continue Reading →


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