A brief thought on being a contemporary “rogue state”

In the early 1990’s the UN rid Iraq of chemical weapons. But in 2003 a US-led military campaign toppled the regime and Saddam Hussein was eventually hanged. In 2007 Libya … Continue Reading →

Obama and Intervention: Why Libya and not Syria?

This is our first article in partnership with Brazilian international affairs magazine O Debatedouro. by Philipe Moura The 20th century witnessed the growing importance of issues regarding humanitarian intervention, leading to the … Continue Reading →

the National Library in Sarajevo (post-shelling)

Re-Enacting the Past? Contemporary Intervention in Historical Perspective

by Ben Boulton, PhD Candidate in Politics DESPITE its conclusion amidst bloodshed and internecine strife, the recent intervention in Libya has been hailed by its perpetrators as the dawning of a … Continue Reading →

Ben Ali, Saleh, Qaddafi, Mubarak

The Death of a Tyrant: Justice Served or Justice Failed?

The Death of a Tyrant:  Justice Served or Justice Failed? Photo Courtesy of the Daily Mail On Thursday October 20th, 2011, Libya’s self-styled “Brother Leader” and former authoritarian ruler, Muammar … Continue Reading →

Photo Courtesy of DW-World

A Turkish Spring: Why Ankara’s New Foreign Policy is Good for Turkey

This article will argue that radical changes taking place in Turkish foreign policy, punctuated by its recent diplomatic confrontation with Israel and vocal support for the Palestinians, are safe moves … Continue Reading →

Doing the fighting and the talking: criticising and obeying?

Sometimes I wake up in the morning and read the newspapers and want to tell them ‘You do the fighting and I’ll do the talking. So said UK Prime Minister … Continue Reading →


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