Both Obama and Romney are wrong: obduracy will not work with Iran

Both parties in the forthcoming US election promise tough sanctions and threaten war against Iran. But even accounting for Tehran’s provocations the US agenda is counter-productive and cruel. The Iranian … Continue Reading →


Mearsheimer, Walt and the missing Palestinians

On March 3rd, 2012, Professor  John Mearsheimer and Professor Stephen Walt published an article in the Financial Times under the heading, “Mr Obama must take a stand against Israel over Iran.” This, … Continue Reading →

Talking ‘Covert’: Politics-As-Usual? What is the Cost?

In the November 12, 2011 GOP foreign policy debate, Mitt Romney and others pronounced the word ‘covert’, in the context of endorsing US covert operations in Iran and Syria, several … Continue Reading →

Mollahs and Nukes: What to do about Iran?

Iran’s nuclear programme will no doubt be on top of the international community’s agenda this year. And some quite worrying incidents paving the way for a greater crisis have already … Continue Reading →


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