Special Relationship UK US

Tough or Vulnerable?

Edward Snowden leaked information on how the US government does violence to American citizens in the name of saving them from terrorist threats. He’s now either a traitor or a … Continue Reading →

Obama and Intervention: Why Libya and not Syria?

This is our first article in partnership with Brazilian international affairs magazine O Debatedouro. by Philipe Moura The 20th century witnessed the growing importance of issues regarding humanitarian intervention, leading to the … Continue Reading →

Peace Symbol

Neither Sovereignty nor Intervention

In Dichotomyland (sometimes known as IR), the debate on wars, whether for “humanitarian purposes” or not, tends to be reduced to the opposition between sovereignty (and non-intervention) and solidarity (and … Continue Reading →

the National Library in Sarajevo (post-shelling)

Re-Enacting the Past? Contemporary Intervention in Historical Perspective

by Ben Boulton, PhD Candidate in Politics DESPITE its conclusion amidst bloodshed and internecine strife, the recent intervention in Libya has been hailed by its perpetrators as the dawning of a … Continue Reading →


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