Solidarity Russia

We are all Bolotnaya: International Days of Solidarity with Victims of Political Repression in Russia 28 Feburary – 3 March

By Catherine Owen A coalition of leftist organisations in Russia have called for international solidarity with the increasing number of activists intimidated or imprisoned by the Putin regime. The Russian … Continue Reading →

Dandi March

Give ‘Another Realism’ a Chance!

By Roberto Baldoli (PhD candidate Exeter) This article calls for a re-evaluation of the tradition of nonviolence as a form of political realism, based on a new article on Gandhi’s ‘Another … Continue Reading →

The Global Environmental Agenda in Popular Culture

By  Juliano Klevanskis Candido According to most mainstream international relations theories, the state is the main actor in the international system. Indeed, realism, liberalism and even constructivism adopt a paradigm that is … Continue Reading →

Martin Wight

My Favourite International Theorist? Martin Wight

  Martin Wight (1913-1972) is better known for his lectures on key traditions of international theory and his essays on power politics and systems of states. Here I focus on … Continue Reading →


The Falklands Islands: the Scottish solution?

It seems to me that there are some interesting parallels between two prominent stories in the news cycle: the question of Scottish independence and the resurgence of the Falklands Islands … Continue Reading →

Gregynog Ideas Lab

GREGYNOG IDEAS LAB Summer School in PostInternational Politics Gregynog, 9-14 July 2012 The inaugural Gregynog Ideas Lab, a Summer School in PostInternational Politics, will take place 9-14 July, 2012. The … Continue Reading →


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