Solidarity Russia

We are all Bolotnaya: International Days of Solidarity with Victims of Political Repression in Russia 28 Feburary – 3 March

By Catherine Owen A coalition of leftist organisations in Russia have called for international solidarity with the increasing number of activists intimidated or imprisoned by the Putin regime. The Russian … Continue Reading →

Peace Symbol

Neither Sovereignty nor Intervention

In Dichotomyland (sometimes known as IR), the debate on wars, whether for “humanitarian purposes” or not, tends to be reduced to the opposition between sovereignty (and non-intervention) and solidarity (and … Continue Reading →

Pilorama: Imagining a New Politics in Russia

By Catherine Owen The last twelve months have been cataclysmic in Russia. In the lead up to December 2011’s parliamentary elections, it became clear that current prime minister and former … Continue Reading →


War, Torture, Neocons, Media and Republicans

    The first 2011 GOP Debate on Foreign Policy took place in South Carolina with the support of CBS News, which had it on national TV for the first … Continue Reading →

Why Citizens are Responsible for fighting Human Trafficking

Two weeks ago I went to see the movie Ghosts. It was shown as part of a Film Festival Against Human Trafficking organized by Unchosen  in partnership with Anti-Slavery International, Refugee … Continue Reading →

Coleman and Kneen in Kayaks

Flotillas, Flytillas & Palestinian Human Rights: the Struggle between Government and Civil Society

 “I was merely trying to draw the world’s attention to the collective punishment of 1.5 million Palestinians living in Gaza, which is in violation of International Law.  This collective punishment … Continue Reading →


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