israeli soldier hits dane with rifle

EU: Too Much Doom and Gloom

By Emile Badarin, originally published 5 August 2012 The EU’s many “doom and gloom” condemnations of Israel’s policies against the Palestinians and settlements expansion in the West Bank are vacuous. … Continue Reading →


U.S. Decline in an increasingly Flat World

By Carina van de Wetering Carina is a PhD researcher in Politics at the University of Bristol where she focuses on changing U.S. security policies towards India from a critical … Continue Reading →

Obama and Intervention: Why Libya and not Syria?

This is our first article in partnership with Brazilian international affairs magazine O Debatedouro. by Philipe Moura The 20th century witnessed the growing importance of issues regarding humanitarian intervention, leading to the … Continue Reading →


The Falklands Islands: the Scottish solution?

It seems to me that there are some interesting parallels between two prominent stories in the news cycle: the question of Scottish independence and the resurgence of the Falklands Islands … Continue Reading →

Ron Paul is Relevant, Like it or Not

With the Iowa Caucus and the New Hampshire Primary approaching, statistical rumours are that Texas Congressman Ron Paul has a considerable chance of doing well at the initial stages of … Continue Reading →


War, Torture, Neocons, Media and Republicans

    The first 2011 GOP Debate on Foreign Policy took place in South Carolina with the support of CBS News, which had it on national TV for the first … Continue Reading →


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