Eurozone’s Cyprus Gamble: the End or the Beginning?

The Eurozone countries have finally agreed on a bailout deal for Cyprus, but a certain aspect of the deal appears quite risky for the island as well as for the … Continue Reading →

How to Mess with Elections: Un-Democratic Lessons from Italy

by Claudio M. Radaelli and Mario Staderini. Claudio is Professor of Political Science at the University of Exeter. Mario is a lawyer. He worked at the European Commission on consumers rights. … Continue Reading →

Karl W. Deutsch and Transactionalism

I want to draw attention to Karl Wolfgang Deutsch (1912 – 1992) and the integration theory of transactionalism. This selection should be understood from my current engagement with early integration … Continue Reading →


Europe Just Needs Accidental Federalists

by Jonathan Kamkhaji and Claudio M. Radaelli Scenarios about the likely future of the Euro-zone have proliferated in the current discussion among policy-makers, journalists, bloggers and social scientists. However, if we … Continue Reading →


Ideas, the global financial crisis, and the future of the European Union

The future of the European Union has once again become a much-debated topic. Claudio Radaelli’s post in favour of a federal Europe might well be seen as a contribution to … Continue Reading →

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Greece: A Place Where Dark and Light Meet

I have too walked the streets of Greece. Not the sunny paths where topless-tourists meet in Mykonos or Crete, no. I have walked in dark streets where drug addicts beg … Continue Reading →


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