Eurozone’s Cyprus Gamble: the End or the Beginning?

The Eurozone countries have finally agreed on a bailout deal for Cyprus, but a certain aspect of the deal appears quite risky for the island as well as for the … Continue Reading →


Ideas, the global financial crisis, and the future of the European Union

The future of the European Union has once again become a much-debated topic. Claudio Radaelli’s post in favour of a federal Europe might well be seen as a contribution to … Continue Reading →

Picture 1

Greece: A Place Where Dark and Light Meet

I have too walked the streets of Greece. Not the sunny paths where topless-tourists meet in Mykonos or Crete, no. I have walked in dark streets where drug addicts beg … Continue Reading →

Slovakia votes no: What does this mean?

Slovak parliament has voted no to the expansion of the Euro bailout package. This raises several questions for me on different political issues. I would like to pose them via … Continue Reading →

Holy Roman Euro Empire

The EU: From Medieval to Modern Empire?

The Eurozone is in trouble.  Commentators usually interpret the currency crisis as partially a result of a lack of central coordination. This diagnosis leads to calls for centralized economic governance … Continue Reading →

Solving the Insolubles: The Euro’s Fate and the Reunification of Cyprus

Two seemingly unrelated issues, the on-going negotiations for reunification of Cyprus and the fate of Euro, had been competing for being the subject of this post during the last week … Continue Reading →


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