Special Relationship UK US

Tough or Vulnerable?

Edward Snowden leaked information on how the US government does violence to American citizens in the name of saving them from terrorist threats. He’s now either a traitor or a … Continue Reading →

Don't Tread on Me (Brazil)

Twenty Cents of Trouble

It all began when the São Paulo city council decided to increase the bus fare by twenty cents. Anti-government protesters are now all over the place in the larger cities … Continue Reading →

NGOs prominence has grown within international fora

NGOs as protagonists in 21st century diplomacy

by Sarra Zarrati Sarra is currently a trainee, responsible for human rights, at the ONUAIDS office in Tunis. She is working on ensuring contribution of the ONUAIDS office to the … Continue Reading →


The Falklands Islands: the Scottish solution?

It seems to me that there are some interesting parallels between two prominent stories in the news cycle: the question of Scottish independence and the resurgence of the Falklands Islands … Continue Reading →


War, Torture, Neocons, Media and Republicans

    The first 2011 GOP Debate on Foreign Policy took place in South Carolina with the support of CBS News, which had it on national TV for the first … Continue Reading →


Let the Occupiers and the Party sit down for tea (Part I)

From the author: I am inaugurating now a series of posts on the political economy of the 2011 protests. Because of the length of the American electoral process and its … Continue Reading →


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