Image from the New York Times

The flawed logic of a Sunni vs. Shi‘a ‘civil war’

A number of recent documentary films (such as Channel Four’s Aleppo’s Children and PBS’ Syria Undercover) have highlighted the nearly unimaginable horror experienced by those afflicted by the ongoing conflict … Continue Reading →

Photo Courtesy of DW-World

A Turkish Spring: Why Ankara’s New Foreign Policy is Good for Turkey

This article will argue that radical changes taking place in Turkish foreign policy, punctuated by its recent diplomatic confrontation with Israel and vocal support for the Palestinians, are safe moves … Continue Reading →

Winning Hearts and Minds? The US Public Diplomacy, Cold War and the Arab Spring

A recent Pew Global poll suggests that the Arab Spring has failed to improve US Image in the Muslim world: “many of the concerns that have driven animosity toward the U.S. … Continue Reading →


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