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How to Write a Blog in World Affairs for ThinkIR


Blog with Us! 

We encourage submissions from researchers, practitioners, students and people just interested in world affairs.   You can be from the United Kingdom or anywhere else in the world.  All submissions are reviewed by our volunteer editorial team before being approved for publication.  This is meant to ensure similar standards for engaging content across the ThinkIR platform.  It also as a way for us to provide you with feedback meant to develop your ideas, and to increase readership for what you wrote.  Where necessary, our editors will suggest revisions.  In some cases, a submission may be rejected if it is deemed that the post does not fit with the aims of the blog.  However, our aim is not to promote similar ways of thinking, but rather to encourage a plurality of different viewpoints, and to hear what you have to say about contemporary or historical events in world affairs.


It’s easy to Blog with ThinkIR

Primarily, we want to see a well-written and interesting argument, trend or event in world affairs that provokes the thoughts and beliefs of visitors to ThinkIR and the ThinkIR network.

Generally speaking, this is what we look for in the composition of a Blogpost:

  • An opinion piece that is International Relations focused (broadly defined).
  • Approximately 400 – 1200 words in length (800 would be ideal).
  • If you piece will go over our word limit, you can post it either after writing up a 800 word shortened version either followed by the full piece or with the full piece as an external link.
  • An original work, which is both challenging and stimulating, that introduces new ideas.
  • Use Hyperlinks cross-posting other articles (including your own) as much as possible.
  • Embed Videos and Pictures.
  • While we are British-based, spelling and grammar for your Blogpost may follow other non-British English language styles.
  • Generally speaking, we are looking for contributors from at least the post-graduate research level or with professional experience in the article’s topic area.  However, we are open to well-written submissions from contributors from other backgrounds, including the undergraduate level.
  • Even though the piece should be original, it can be an amalgamation and synthesis of existing viewpoints or ideas.  A well-written, original piece may consist of a book review or review of an article you find interesting.


Some Requirements

There are just several requirements we are seeking from each guest-writer:

  • Submit your article to us in a “.doc” or equivalent format along with at least one picture to insert into the blog post.  If you have a .pdf version of your article, we can insert that into the article, but still require a “.doc” or equivalent version.
  • Include a short 50 word description of the article, along with 10 keywords, which we will use for search engine optimization in describing your article.
  • Provide us with a one or two sentence biography about yourself.  We will attach this to the article in order to give you credit for your work and to allow readers to know something about your expertise as the writer.  Ideally the bio will include your name, what you study (or studied), your highest academic degree, and your research area or profession.
  • If we publish your Blogpost, we request that you engage with comments made on your post with replies of your own.


Volunteers with a Passion for World Affairs

Please remember that our editorial team is made up busy post-graduate and academic volunteers.  So while we strive to respond to proposed guest submissions as quickly as possible, generally within a few days, we are not perfect.  If you are making a submission that is relevant to an immediate current event, we will keep this in mind while reviewing you submission to ensure a response as soon as possible.  Also, even though we will in principal accept a longer piece if you provide first the shortened version, bear in mind we have a volunteer editorial committee who has limited time for peer reviews.  If the piece is just too long, they may reject the longer version.


So, get writing, because we want to hear what you have to say.  Blog with ThinkIR!


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