Special Relationship UK US

Tough or Vulnerable?

Edward Snowden leaked information on how the US government does violence to American citizens in the name of saving them from terrorist threats. He’s now either a traitor or a … Continue Reading →

Don't Tread on Me (Brazil)

Twenty Cents of Trouble

It all began when the São Paulo city council decided to increase the bus fare by twenty cents. Anti-government protesters are now all over the place in the larger cities … Continue Reading →

ThinkIR at ISA San Francisco 2013

Dear readers, If you’re going to ISA San Francisco and would like to have a chat about contributing to ThinkIR this is where you can find me: Thurs April 04 … Continue Reading →

Peace Symbol

Neither Sovereignty nor Intervention

In Dichotomyland (sometimes known as IR), the debate on wars, whether for “humanitarian purposes” or not, tends to be reduced to the opposition between sovereignty (and non-intervention) and solidarity (and … Continue Reading →

Lysander Spooner

Advice to Libertarian IR Theorists

  How can you be a Libertarian and theorise IR at the same time? We may tackle this question from a normative or descriptive point of view, but I don’t … Continue Reading →


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