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Conclusion of the ThinkIR Academic Blog Project

In the Spring of 2011, three Politics PhD candidates from the University of Exeter (UK) developed an idea for setting up a Blog in International Affairs. Inspiration came while attending … Continue Reading →

Death of a Princess

From MacLean’s Magasine, 16 years after the death of a princess, new allegations point to MI6 involvement which Scotland Yard is taking seriously Post by ThinkIR.


Opinion: Lincoln would not use Drones … and Obama shouldn’t either

Abraham Lincoln was President of the United States during the bloodiest war in its history – the Civil War.  At least 600 000 Americans lost their lives and many more left disabled … Continue Reading →


Odd Tiger Out: Was Hong Kong really a ‘Laissez-Faire Miracle?’

Hong Kong’s economic development was not due to laissez-faire economics. It can be credited to: geopolitics, state intervention and support from Communist China. Recently a colleague and I, Alaa Tartir, … Continue Reading →


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