Missing the Bigger Picture: The Virtues of Sharing a Link, Justice and Joseph Kony.

‘Stop Kony’ or rather #Kony2012 is trending worldwide and had gone ‘viral’. The use of twitter and other social networking sites as a platform for ‘change’ has been once again … Continue Reading →

Which type are you?

According to Patrick Tomlin there are eight types of graduate student. In his witty and insightful piece published in the Guardian last week, he creates a typology of the different … Continue Reading →


Contra the Duke: the Poppy is Political.

“The only thing we learn from history is that we learn nothing from history.” Friedrich Hegel. On Wednesday (9/11/2011) FIFA revised their ban on the poppy, allowing the English football … Continue Reading →

Apathy and the Power of Pop: Is Gaga the next Organic Intellectual?

One question that my students often ask me is what do I think is the most pressing problem is in international relations? Which issue is the most threatening and demands … Continue Reading →

Choosing to Die.

Helen Louise Turton with Owen D Thomas “It’s not dying that is sad it’s living when you are not happy” Octave Mirbeau (The Torture Garden) After watching the BBC documentary … Continue Reading →


Fashion Is Political: Dress, Resistance, and Agency

One may not immediately think that there is a relationship between politics and fashion, choosing to think of dress as simply something we do, yet what we wear has political … Continue Reading →


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